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Total raised so far: $217

All December long we are doing our annual fundraiser for our 2015 operating costs which include things like supplies, tools, tech support and printing. Our goal this year is $1,000 (that’s about 80% of our actual annual expenses) which is immediately invested back into our small mountain community for things like sugar, canning jars and copies. I will update this page every time a donation is made to show our progress!

The best way to help the Holistic Homestead continue to fulfill it’s mission is by making a direct, secure donation via PayPal.

This year, every donation of $21 or more will receive a one year subscription to the print edition of our newsletter! Click on the “donate” button below, and in the comments on PayPal please include your name and mailing address.

Donate today to the Holistic Homestead! 2015 will be the year to begin the application process for 501 (c)(3) status…in the meantime, any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated and very good karma. Just click on the PayPal link below to go directly to the Holistic Homestead donation page.

Otherwise, you can send checks & money orders to: Arwen Ek, PO Box 3193, Nederland, CO 80466 Thank you for visiting, for reading and for contributing!

Sincerely, Arwen

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