SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAt the Holistic Homestead, we believe in using herbs as nutrition and homeopathy for evolution. We believe in our in-dwelling, innate ability to heal ourselves, and that each challenge life brings an opportunity for growth.  We believe living with intention and grace will help each of us achieve our highest potential – and we believe that potential is infinite.

This website is designed to inspire you toward fulfilling your goals by taking charge of your health. To connect with like-minded healers, check out our Holistic Network. You can browse our Apothecary and Holistic Book Club for excellent reference material.  Here, you can also search essays ranging from wildcrafting, homeopathy, herbalism, and spirituality – to more specific topics such as first aid, childbirth, and cabin fever.

Comments and questions are always welcome. I feel so blessed to share the healing journey with you.  You may comment on this page, or e-mail me directly: theholistichomestead@gmail.com.

Here’s to your Health! – Arwen 

mountain peoples co opwildbear


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Nemaste

    “Those on tiptoe – do not stand up;
    those who take long strides – do not walk…” Tao Te Ching

    Arwen- I am pleased to know you are well and continuing along the healing’s Way – may you be returning always!


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