Add your prayer requests in the comments below including the name and location (and other details, if you wish) of the person or situation for whom you are requesting prayers. If you would like to include a photo, please e-mail .jpeg or .tiff formatted images to: Our prayer warriors represent a wide array of spiritual and religious disciplines from all over the world and have committed to sending focused, positive, healing, and compassionate spiritual energy to all requests posted here. Blessings, Arwen Pema

Please pray for Marian Middleton, who passed away February 22, 2017 surrounded by her beloved family in California

Please pray for Betty Kolt, she’s 85 and she is living in Boulder, mother of Dr. Kathi Fry, “Prayers for me, my mom and my family are much appreciated, no matter from whom or how they contact Source.”

Please pray for relief from famine in South Sudan

Please pray for Standing Rock