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I have never been really great at cleansing…if I last 3 days without coffee, it’s a miracle. Also, cleansing tends to dig out the toxins that are stored deep in the nooks and crannies of the body, and when those toxins are all circulating at once and trying to get out, I usually feel sick. For one day during my cleanse I get tired, cranky, sore all over, and even feverish.

After that “toxin flush” however, I feel really amazing. 


Bob’s Red Mill high fiber with flax hot cereal in almond milk with local honey and organic apples…now THAT’S my kinda cleanse

My eyes are brighter, my morning breath is sweeter, I’m less congested and stuffed up. My thinking clears up, I have more energy, I wake up with the dawn. I am reminded why I keep coming back to cleansing every spring: because it really does rejuvenate my body, and my spirit.


Delicious Fiber Bites!

All things get easier with practice…and with age. As my body changes with age and use, it demands gentleness, slowness, and loving kindness in abundance. I’m also more acutely aware of the long-term effects of the self-abuse of youth: drugs, alcohol, sleep deprivation, eating disorders and severe depression all take a chunk out of our innate vitality. Cleansing helps us to honor the path that brought us here, to embrace our bodies here and now, with gratitude for what we have, and the wisdom to nourish and heal ourselves.


Fresh green salad and fruit smoothie

That is why I am inviting you to join us this year for the most holistic cleanse you’ve ever tried – your path and wisdom are integrated into a week of gentle self-massage techniques, delicious, filling and simple whole-food recipes to sustain your energy, and daily inspiration from our Network of Holistic Practitioners to support your joyful spring cleansing!

Click here to register now! 

This year is going to be a great cleanse…I can feel it already. Blessings, Arwen


These four products are the cornerstone of my cleanse

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