Achy Joints Ointment
Achy Joints Ointment

Summer 2014 I introduced a new line of body products utilizing the amazing abundance of Arnica that grows wild and free on my land. I harvested as much Arnica as I could throughout the month of June and still had more than I knew what to do with! Little did I know that my liniments, salves and oils would end up being so popular.

Thanks to the unusually cool and wet summer, I had a second chance at the Arnica mid-July (very unusual to have brightly blooming Arnica so late in the season) and now I am decanting the fruits of my labor! My Arnica salve is made with 100% organic olive oil and pure beeswax and includes Yarrow to support healing and pain relief for bumps and bruises. The best-seller, however, is my “Achy Joints” ointment made from Arnica, Nettle and Juniper berries in a base of organic safflower oil with Vitamin E added for extra skin nourishment.

Arnica, as you know, has a special affinity for trauma and accidents of any kind – bumps, bruises, twists, sprains and strains all benefit immensely from this hearty high-altitude flower.

Nettle, one of the most versatile herbs in my apothecary, has been used externally for centuries to cure arthritis of the red, hot, stiff and swollen variety.

Juniper berries, when applied externally are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and will direct the medicine right to the joints, clearing accumulated toxins.

Together, these three herbs create a soothing, warming and delightful ointment for your hands, knees, elbows…and any other trouble joint that tends to painful inflammation.

This is my last batch of Achy Joints Ointment for the whole year! My supply is very limited, orders are on a first-come-first-served basis. Each 2 ounce bottle is $7, and will last several weeks of continued application. (I’m saving some for mid-winter, myself…)


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