Top 10 ways to enjoy Nettle-Me seasoning

NettleMe seasoning 3 oz spice jars for $5 + s&h
NettleMe seasoning 3 oz spice jars for $5 + s&h

Everyone who has tried my Nettle-Me seasoning loves it…and has their own, special way of enjoying it! Nettle-Me is an incredibly simple and flavorful seasoning: just toasted, organic, hulled sesame seeds (from the Mountain People’s co-op), freshly dried, locally, ethically, sustainably and beautifully wildcrafted nettle (grown wild on my own land), and just a pinch of organic mineral salt. The following list was compiled with your comments on the very best ways to enjoy getting some Nettle into your life.

  1. sprinkled on a ripe avocado for breakfast
  2. a crunchy salad-topper
  3. mixed in green smoothies (no joke!)
  4. a generous amount on top of toasted bagel with cream cheese (my personal favorite!)
  5. use it like Gomasio on top of brown rice, soba noodles and miso soup
  6. the ever-versatile omelet ingredient
  7. quinoa is suddenly way more exciting with Nettle-Me seasoning
  8. garnish your fancy homemade dips – sour cream, hummus, black beans…
  9. put it on the dinner table in lieu of salt and pepper
  10. one local seven year old eats it by the spoonful!

How can YOU get some Nettle into your life? E-mail me today to place your order!


5 thoughts on “Top Ten ways to enjoy NettleMe Seasoning

  1. I want some!

    I need to respond to your questions about Grace – I’m on it tonight, so sorry for the delay. Doug is just out of back surgery and I’ve been a bit underfoot with a heavy translation. Hope you are all well and happy!

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