I am so happy to announce that we are officially back in production of Dr. B’s cough syrup! This year’s recipe is much improved after much trial and error, and time to perfect the art of making herbal syrups. I am already receiving amazing testimonials about Dr. B’s – and everyone agrees on the most important thing: IT WORKS! So, what’s so unique about Dr. B’s? Let’s start with the ingredients:

Wild Cherry Bark is often found by itself as a tea, infusion, tincture or syrup, and is recommended for lung conditions including spasmodic cough, wheezing, chest oppression, asthma, whooping cough and croup.  Long standing coughs that are spasmodic, irritable, deep, wheezy and just won’t go away will benefit from a well prepared dose of cherry bark.

Horehound is also an important herb for opening and circulating lung qi, for lung qi constraint with difficult expectoration. It soothes the throat and lungs, especially when the sensation is hot, tight, and dry. According to one of my favorite field guides Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs by Peterson and Hobbs, “pharmacological studies show that horehound extracts contain diterpenes and other compounds that have anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and antibacterial properties.”

Licorice Root is known to calm an upset stomach as well as increase nutrient absorption, regulate immunity and calm a dry, spasmodic cough.

Lobelia is not only an excellent lung herb, but has a potentiating effect on any other herbs with which it is combined – making the whole formula more powerful.

Dr. B’s is on SALE now through March 1st – take advantage of this great deal!

8 oz Dr. B’s herbal cough syrup $12 only $6 (50% discount!) free shipping, too 😉
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clockwise from top: licorice root, horehound, wild cherry bark, lobelia

5 thoughts on “Dr. B’s on SALE through March 1st!

  1. I’d like to buy a jar of Dr. B’s please! I live in Boulder but my daughter lives in Ned. She can pick it up if that works for you.

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