newyearshealthDo you know about the USDA’s online food tracker? It’s called Super Tracker and has cool features like setting goals, menu planning, a physical activity tracker and showing your daily food intake in terms of balanced nutrition spread across the food groups – protein, dairy, vegetables, fruit, and grains.

I have been using Super Tracker for years to help keep me mindful of my eating habits – and even using the journal tool to write about how I was feeling that day, and noticed over time that I definitely make poor food choices when I’m stressed out and rushed.

The good news is, Super Tracker is a totally neutral tool that simply reflects your input. The more you use it, the more feedback you get from their “coach”. It also has capabilities to track specific minerals and vitamins (like magnesium and B12) if you feel (or if your doctor has told you) you have a deficiency. And, it’s totally free.

foodtracker screen shotAs I was logging into Super Tracker today, I noticed a new function called “Groups”. Hmmmm….I wondered….what’s this? I’ve been recommending Super Tracker to my clients for years, and have been wishing for a way that we could all share important information that helps me (as a healer) to understand the role that nutrition and exercise might play in their overall health.

“Groups” as it turns out is a way to invite your friends, co-workers and clients to share their food choices and exercise habits, their goals, motivations and experience around making positive lifestyle changes. Finally! Here it is! Please join the Holistic Homestead’s free, public group on Super Tracker and get started working toward greater mindfulness, balance and overall health in 2016!


Click this link (or copy and paste the URL into your browser) to join the group:

Group Name: Get healthy! 2016
Group Leader: Arwen
Access Code: KASI-LR15


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