Laura Michael has dedicated her training and career development to the study and practice of nursing. She is currently studying psychology and nursing at Colorado University in Boulder. She is a CNA, and certified in CPR and BLS; she is a licensed Psych Tech, and will soon graduate as a RN.

Laura’s extensive background in “mainstream” medical practice lends even more credence to our mission to make natural, holistic alternatives more affordable and more widely accessible. Read her perspective below:

laura michaelMy name is Laura Michael and I have been in the healthcare field for 10 years. While I have worked primarily in modern western medicine, I have a strong desire to reconcile the world of modern medicine with the world of homeopathic remedies. Taking the holistic care approach to health is the only way to truly receive the full benefits that your health deserves.

I feel that most people would happily turn from chemically based, harmful treatments and preventative medications, that cause a wide array of unhealthy side effects, to pursue an all natural, healthy and affordable alternative. While I am aware that some cases require the use of pharmaceutical medicine and modern care, after working in the field for this long, I strongly believe that quite often there is a healthier alternative available.

I think that the biggest hurdle here is that so many of us are unaware of the how and the what of homeopathic, all natural medicines that actually work. Education and affordability of alternative holistic care is essential to the health and wellness of this, and all communities.

This is why I have joined with Arwen Ek and the Holistic Homestead Board of Directors, in the hopes that we can reach out to the community and provide the necessary information and resources to allow all people to benefit from the healing properties of alternative medicine. Peace and blessings!

The Holistic Homestead needs YOUR help! Join us in our efforts to become a fully-fledged, self-supporting 501(c)(3) by donating today! Thanks, the Holistic Homestead


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