Our nine-day contemplation/prayer/meditation fest starts TOMORROW…are you registered? Click here to register for a minimum donation of just $1 and get:

  • PDF all about DIY retreat
  • Backstage pass to audio and video teachings and meditation instruction
  • A fresh take on spirituality and compassion EVERY DAY in your e-mail!
  • Free admission to our live events happening at 7 Healing Stars Oneness Center in Central City, CO including “Meditation for Beginners”, “Green Tara: Mother of Compassion”, and “Healing Vibrations, Singing Bowl performance with Salvatore Vitale”
  • Personalized retreat planning
  • Touching in and diving deep into our hearts together with a community committed to compassion for a better world!

All it takes is your intention and a few minutes every day. Our homepage is now live as a prayer request board, please visit and post your requests! Blessings and gratitude, Arwen Pema

Meet Your Hostess for Winter Retreat: Arwen Pema

What to eat during retreat?

How to Prepare for your retreat

The Juicy Fruits of Spiritual Practice

Creating a sacred space



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