Spring is here! Are you cleansing? Our bodies naturally accumulate toxins and waste by-products during the slow, and sedentary winter months. Now is the time to give your body a fresh start on the year by cleaning out the nooks and cranny’s with a good cleanse.

a glassful of delicious kefir to help your body achieve balance before, during and after a cleanse

We just opened registration for Spring into Health! Spring Cleanse 2017 starting April 9th through the 15th. Click here to register today! 

Here at the Homestead, our Clean Livin’ formula is created especially to support your cleansing this time of year with nettle, dandelion root and thistles. We offer a loose tea in bulk 8 oz jars for $10, and 1 oz tinctures for $5. (Scroll down to buy directly from the Homestead, free shipping!)

freshly harvested nettle stalks hanging on the twine in my kitchen

Nettle is especially nourishing to the kidneys, supporting natural elimination.

Dandelions galore – delicious AND nutritious!

Dandelion root is a liver helper, and naturally stimulating. A great substitute for coffee!

nodding thistle wiki
Musk thistle grows thick on my property. Image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carduus_nutans#/media/File:Carduus_nutans_180807.jpg

Thistles – our formula uses wildcrafted Musk Thistle from the Rocky Mountains. All thistles are especially helpful for detoxifying the liver.

My Clean Livin’ herbal blend includes nettles, thistle and dandelion root, simple herbs that can support your cleansing

Try our 1 oz tincture for $5

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or our 8 oz Clean Livin’ bulk herbal blend for $10

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