Some of us are familiar with the “cleanse-in-a-box” that you see at heath food stores. Often, these pre-fab, one-size-fits-all cleanses are marketed to help with specific ailments – candida, parasites, liver/gallbladder, etc. and are fairly pricey. 

Incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies this week for deep nourishment during your cleanse

This approach, however, does not make sense for everyone wishing to improve their health. Treating self-diagnosed problems, without the support of a physician, can be dangerous – especially when trying extremely restricted diets, or lots of new supplements.

Drinking this delicious “Deep Breath” Infusion with lemon juice and raw honey will help cleanse the lungs

That’s why at the Homestead, we gear our Spring Cleansing to the gentlest possible approach, done with plenty of self-love, a heaping amount of respect for our bodies, and smothered in wisdom. Our online format allows one-on-one support throughout your cleanse, and personalized cleansing plans to match your lifestyle and long-term health goals.

In addition, you will receive:

  • a PDF “all-about-cleansing”
  • daily inspirational articles about cleansing
  • delicious recipes to try during your cleanse

Spring Into Health! Spring Cleanse 2017 starts TOMORROW! Register NOW to get in on all the joyful, gentle, self-care, jump-start into the season with vitality cleansing fun!!!

Happy Cleansing, Arwen


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