Favorite thing about the Holistic Homestead #67: We are more interested in EMPOWERING YOU to take charge of your health with simple, DIY, all natural remedies – than in making money from our products (we are a nonprofit, after all)! As it turns out, we know most folks will still buy our amazing Dr. B’s Cough Syrup because it works so well for sore throats and coughs of all kinds.

But our distribution is (and shall remain) local to Colorado. We want YOU to become the local herbalist, offering health and healing to your friends, family and neighbors using this 2 minute video as a launching point – and then giving it a twist of your own!

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charitable donations

Help us open our Co-Op Market, Healthy Cafe and Wellness Center! For your donation of $25 you become a member of the Homestead and will receive 10% off all Homestead merch, free admission to ALL our events, backstage access to this website, and our monthly newsletter!



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