We finished our 5th annual Winter Retreat: Lean-In with a sound healing ceremony with Salvatore Vitale and Todd Abel playing quartz singing bowls, brass cymbals, wooden native flutes, native drums, chimes and crystals. More than just a performance, their offering was interactive as they stepped into the audience carrying various crystal bowls and chimes and “bathing” the reclining participants in sound. The experience is something like being in an MRI machine, except the vibrations and sounds induce a state of ecstasy and deep relaxation, while the flashing lights and pounding of and MRI do just the opposite.

This picture is from the sound healing offered by Salvatore Vitale (pictured) last year at 7 Healing Stars’ old location. Imagine something twice as big as this, and you’ll get an idea of how amazing it was! 

Interestingly, I took a lot of pictures with my phone camera, and none of them came out – they were all blurry. Within 24 hours of taking the pictures, all the info on my phone got zapped – I mean, totally wiped out. Gone. Poof. No pictures! So, it remains one of those things that “you just had to be there.”

The whole experience was deeply transformative, and I am so grateful for Salvatore Vitale and Todd Abel for sharing their experience and energy with us again. What a great way to top off our retreat!


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