We love our Mothers for every reason under the sun and we want our mamas to have the best. Right now retail store shelves are teeming with “spa-in-a-box” gift sets, which look nice – but look closer: those face masks and foot soaks are full of chemicals!

Save time, money and give the best to your mom with these 5 simple, and all-natural gift ideas!

maldives-ile-beach-sun-37921.jpegFOOT SOAK: This is the all-time classic that is always a winning gift! Ingredients: epsom salt, and your choice of citrus essential oil & dried citrus peel; rose essential oil and dried rose buds and petals; peppermint essential oil & dried peppermint leaves; lavender essential oil & dried lavender flowers. Mix and pour into a glass jar with a lid, tie with a decorative ribbon. Mom can add 1/2 cup of your custom homemade bath salt mixture to 8 to 12 cups of hot water.

woman-girl-beauty-mask.jpgFACE MASK: To moisturize, cover the face with a thin layer of raw honey or mashed up avocado. To tighten and tone, put a cucumber in the blender and apply directly to skin, gently wash off with witch hazel. To cleanse, make a paste of coconut oil, honey, calendula and oatmeal.

pexels-photo-672051.jpegPAIN RELIEF: Rub castor oil over the affected area – back, liver, abdomen (avoid broken and sensitive skin). Fill a hot water bottle with warm water and wrap a towel or cozy around it. Hold hot water bottle over area with castor oil. Soothing music and an eye mask make this a heavenly and healing afternoon nap.

pexels-photo-341514.jpegAROMATHERAPY STEAM: Does your mom suffer from sinus pain, upper respiratory congestion, sore throats, or allergies? Mix any (or all) of the following herbs in a pot of water: mint, mullein, sage, mugwort, mallow, Angelica (approx 1/2 cup herbs to 6 cups of water). Bring water to boil, covered. Cover head with a towel and lean face over the steaming herbs. Add essential oils of eucalyptus or peppermint for extra clearing, anti-microbial powers. You can mix the herbs and present them in a nice glass jar with a ribbon.

HOMESTEAD MOUNTAIN MAMA TEA PARTY! Bring your mama to our Mother’s Day afternoon tea party where she will be pampered with a rose petal foot soak, face mask, chocolate, and herbal tea! This Mother’s Day at the Homestead from 3 to 6 pm. Click here to rsvp today! 


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