36 hours and $683 left to make a difference in 2014

36 hours left in 2014, and $683 to go before we reach our goal! So far, 9 wonderful people have donated an average of $35 each. Do you think we can make it before midnight tomorrow night? YES!

newyearshealthDo you have a resolution to get fit in 2015? Let the Holistic Homestead help! We publish regular articles about health and wellness, DIY holistic medicine for you and your family and plenty of inspiration to go around. Our most popular article for 2014 was “Wildcrafting the Wise Woman Way” – take a read and reminisce of warm, lazy summer days picking dandelions and singing to the clover…

If you’ve been waiting to see how we did before making a contribution, NOW is the time to help us out. Any amount, no matter how small really does go a long way to helping the Homestead fulfill it’s mission and work toward becoming a full-fledged non-profit in 2015!

For every donation of $21 or more, you will receive a one year subscription to the print edition of the Holistic Homestead Newsletter which includes tons of material not published anywhere online, coupons and DIY holistic health for the whole family.

If you have a business or holistic healing practice you can become a sponsor by donating $50 or more today! Your business logo will be displayed on our homepage for one year (we currently have a following of 174 amazing people!) as well as printed with the newsletter which currently has a distribution of 6 families and 3 local businesses (and growing!).

December is the only time of the year that we actively raise funds, so you can look forward to not receiving any more posts about our fundraiser after tomorrow night! Yipee! Plus, I’ve got a whole back-log of new articles for you hitting the presses hot in January. 🙂

So much gratitude and warm thoughts for all of my readers, thanks for making 2014 such a great year! See you next year, Arwen and everyone at the Homestead!


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