7 ways to enjoy kohlrabi!

I recently posted a contest to our membership to identify and share a recipe for this interesting looking vegetable….

I actually wouldn’t have been able to identify it without Kipp Nash at the Nederland Farmers Market telling me what it was. True confession: I’ve never tried kohlrabi. So I needed some recipes to get me started!

I was really impressed that so many of our members knew kohlrabi very well, and we received some amazing recipes! Here are our members’ picks for “best kohlrabi recipe” and hopefully this inspires you to take a chance on this delectable brassica next time you see it at the Market!

Daniela was the first to reply with this recipe, and won a full share for August!


Alina’s Kohl-slaw:

Mix 1 tbsp. Of each mayo, mustard seeds, agave nectar, and 2 tbsp of cherry vinegar in a bowl. Shread and combine 2 KOHLRABI bulbs, 4 carrots and 2 crisp apples. Add a little salt and pepper. Combine the dressing made earlier with the shredded veggies and fruit. Let sit for an hour. Enjoy! 

Erin’s Kohlrabi salad:

We like it best raw with sliced apples on top a baby kale salad! 😉

Sue’s “German Beets”:

It’s often called “the German beet”.  My favorite recipe is simple…I boil the kohlrabi like I would a beet…it usually takes 20 to 30 minutes.  Then I peel the outside of the vegetable, cut it up into bite size pieces, and then put butter or olive oil on it and thoroughly enjoy eating it as a side dish with chicken or pork, or just by itself.

Nick’s roasted Kohlrabi:

They’re great raw in salads, but I like to roast them in olive oil with a bit of shallot and chili powder.
Cube them, Oil them, Toss with herbs and spices, and roast at 450 (preheat) 15 minutes each side.

Lori’s favorite Crispy Apple & Kohlrabi salad recipe is on the Cookie+Kate food blog, with delicious pictures:


One of our volunteers, Andy, has also never tried kohlrabi, but found this delectable recipe for shaved kohlrabi with apple to try out…

Do you love kohlrabi? Send us your favorite recipe with pictures!

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