A Happy New Year’s letter from Arwen, founder of The Holistic Homestead

Dear Friends,

In 24 hours our annual fundraiser officially comes to a close. We have fundraised $300 so far…which actually allows us to make some big improvements including:

  • incorporating in Colorado
  • reserving The Holistic Homestead corporate name
  • trademarking our awesome, hand-drawn logo
  • we can even get our Federal Tax ID (although this doesn’t cost anything)
Thanks to everyone who has donated to bring us up to $300!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to bring us up to $300!

We can still do more! Our true goal is to become a bona fide self-supporting non-profit, which will cost another $400 to get that shiny 501 (c) (3) sticker with the words: “all your contributions are now tax deductible.” And, we are soooo ready to take that next big step.

We can’t do it without you!

One sign of a truly viable and necessary charity is a broad base of support – that’s YOU! Many small donations actually go further to proving our efficacy as an organization than one big check (of course, that one big check could be in the mail…). Donate $25 today and receive:

  • a one year subscription to our monthly newsletter in print and PDF
  • a mini booklet with healing and delicious recipes from Mountain High Pharms

Our way of sayin’ THANKS!!

Why donate? 

If you’ve been following this blog for the last 12 months, maybe you learned something new about the edible and medicinal herbs that grow wild and free right at your front door. Perhaps you stumbled upon our webpage when you were searching “is it safe to smoke pot during chemo?” or “what is health?” – two of the most frequently searched terms on Google that bring you to our front door. Maybe you were one of over 50 people who participated in our annual winter retreat (our most popular online event!) and you still incorporate some of the meditations into your daily routine.

Are you healthier from being connected to the Homestead? Do you know a little more about preventative health? Do you consider The Holistic Homestead a go-to for questions about DIY holistic care, or for a second opinion about a natural protocol?

I love all your e-mails, your questions and your comments – and I take the time to read and reply to every one. For myself, this website is maintained completely on my free time (usually after my 2 year old is in bed for the night) simply because I am passionate about increasing health literacy and building healthy communities.

As a not-for-profit corporation, The Holistic Homestead will be able to continue our outreach and educational programming online and in the community – and so much more. Please donate today, to show your support, to give back a little, to pass on some good karma. Thank you, as always, for your encouragement and energy – blessings in the new year! -Arwen

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