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A few months ago, the awesome ladies behind the scenes/miracle makers (aka The Holistic Homesteads Board of Directors) conceived of a Health Fair in the mountains, not unlike the 9 Health Fair that the Denver News Channel 9 puts on all over the state of Colorado every year, but with a Holistic perspective.

What does “holistic” mean, anyway? It means looking at the person as a whole, integral being – spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. It means caring for individual people, rather than solely focusing on disease labels and symptoms. It also means a way of healing that engages each person’s innate capacity to heal, and considering the multi-faceted components that affect our overall health and well-being.

Our first annual Holistic Health Fair is already gearing up to be quite the experience! Check out the schedule of healers and presentations (so far…more healers are signing on every day to be here for this one-of-a-kind healing event):


Dr. Gregory Pais, ND will be at the fair from 11 am to 1 pm offering free acupressure, homeopathic and nutritional consultations

11 am: Dr. Gregory Pais, ND will give a 15 minute supplement review. Attendees can bring in their nutritional supplement bottles and we will take up to 15 minutes to review them in terms of quality, usefulness, and cost/benefit. For the remainder of the hour he will be available for individual consultations.

12 noon: Dr. Gregory Pais, ND will give a 15 minute presentation on Homeopathic Remedies for the winter & first aid with Homeopathy for ski season.

Also, cranio-sacral practitioner and LMT Lisa Zucker will be joining us from noon to 3 pm to give mini cranio-sacral sessions.

1 pm: Dr. Gregory Pais, ND will give a 15 minute demonstration of DIY acupressure and individual physical medicine treatments form the remainder of the hour.

2 pm: Certified Professional Midwife Madison Cheshire joins us from 2 until 5 pm, giving a brief introduction of her practice and services at 2 and offering individual consultation afterwords:

“Madison Cheshire, CPM, is a home birth midwife practicing in Nederland, CO and surrounding areas.  Her practice supports people throughout the childbirth continuum, through all reproductive choices. She is blessed to witness people and families undergoing the transformative process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the sacred integration of motherhood in the postpartum.  Madison is grateful to live and offer her services within a community that values holistic health.  True medicine is simple, natural, affordable, and accessible, and Madison strives to offer the community services including pre-pregnancy counseling, birth attendance, postpartum care, doula services, yoni steaming, and placenta encapsulation.”

3 pm: TBA


Read more about Rise & Shine, Love! here

4 pm: Eliza Stephen, founder of Rise & Shine, Love – an holistic retreat center in Nederland, CO – will be offering individual reiki sessions until 5 pm.

And more! Where else can you get reiki, nutrition, acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy, homeopathy, massage, holistic gynecology and more for just $10? Seriously, you could totally show up at 11 am and spend the whole day basking in holistic treatments, indulging in some long overdue self-care, and gorging on the healing vibes that we are raising in this one space. Click here to buy your tickets today! $10 in advance, $15 at the door. See you there!

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