An amazing year in review: 2014 at the Homestead

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWhat we’ve accomplished…

2014 was an amazing year for the Homestead! All winter long we were in production of Dr. B’s. We also had a successful online winter retreat with guest teachings from Aditi Devi Ma and Dr. Kathleen Fry. As soon as things started blooming we were drinking Mountain Mama tea and having Wildcrafting parties on my land as well as a Spring Cleansing support group. The Dandelion Blossom Syrup was so much fun to make and to share along with NettleMe seasoning and Achy Joints Ointment. In July I decided to take the Homestead on full time and your response has been so encouraging. Every month since then we’ve shared nourishment and healing at the Tea Parties and inaugurated the print edition of the Holistic Homestead Newsletter. My mailing list has grown from just about 20 to over 60 contacts! My blog followers now number over 140, with over 100 unique visitors to this website every month. The Mountain Ear has featured one article from the Homestead every month and started printing my business card. I donated some Dr. B’s, Karma Salve and NettleMe to the Holiday Mountain Market Silent Auction and…I am so proud to announce the Mountain People’s Co-Op has started carrying our products!

Where we’re headed…

While 2014 was a year for big transitions, 2015 will be the year for big realizations! Our biggest aspiration for 2015 is to become a full-fledged non-profit with the aim of: expanding our current community services such as recycling and re-using glass bottles and jars; educational programs about ethical wildcrafting and safely using medicinal herbs; keeping the Tea Parties free and featuring local healers; bringing Dr. Kathi Fry back to Nederland to do a free lecture series about using the Boiron (the little blue bottles at the Co-Op) Homeopathic remedies safely and effectively at home for you and your family; we want to be the first to “adopt” a County Road in Gilpin County; collaborating with and supporting other local non-profits in community outreach.

How YOU can help!

At the Holistic Homestead, we believe that natural health alternatives should be available to everyone regardless of limiting factors like economics and access to resources. We are committed to serving the rural mountain communities along the Peak to Peak highway. Any direct, monetary contribution will go immediately to paying for my website hosting, buying a membership to the Mountain People’s Co-Op and printing labels at the Business Connection. We pride ourselves in our ability to keep ALL of our business local while serving the needs of our local community. We believe that positive community service radiates out into the wider world, including the digital world that we share through this website, for everyone to benefit.

If everyone gives just $7 – we would reach our goal of raising $1,000 by December 31st! 

For every donation of $21 or more, you will receive a one year subscription to the print edition of the Holistic Homestead Newsletter.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? For a donation of $50 we will publish your logo on this website and in the print edition for one year.

Help us achieve our mission in becoming a non profit! Donate today!


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