Announcing a New Series: “Here’s to your health!”

Dear friends,

Almost a full year has passed since the last post here on Infinite Potential.  How to sum up so much in a small space?  Condensed transformation, karmic ripening, and creative unfolding.  Moving from Boulder to the quaint mountain town of Nederland, getting engaged to my soul-mate from many, many lifetimes, Greg Greer…writing and performing music with Greg, getting a car, losing the car, quitting a job, closing my Homeopathy practice…finding a job in a tiny coffee shop, recording an album, landing in a cabin in the woods and…(deep breath)…getting pregnant!

Wonderfully, this little spark of life in my womb, now 11 weeks along, has inspired me to crack open ye olde dusty textbooks and re-discover what I have been trying to learn and understand since 2008 – how to engage the paradigm of dynamic health for myself.  Finally, all these disciplines have a new relevance from a personal perspective.  As I am re-reading the old material, it speaks so differently and inspires a new awareness as it applies to my own questions, hopes and fears.

What better opportunity to share new discoveries with you – as I delve into this unexplored territory of my own life – I invite you to join me for the adventure, to share your insights and experiences, and together, may we enrich the wider web of human consciousness with love and kindness.  Thank you for your prayers and spiritual practices, and here’s to your health!

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