Announcing Winter Retreat 2017!

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to announce the theme for our 4th annual Winter Retreat: Cultivating Compassion. In a world that seems so divided, with stressful news being reported everyday, and escalating rates of violence, particularly hate crimes – many of us feel motivated to become politically active, or proactive in changing our society.

But where does the real transformation begin? 

With YOU. In your heart. If we can’t be compassionate toward ourselves, how can we hope to respond from a place of compassion when confronted by others? Compassion is more than empathy, and more than sympathy. It also has a component of wisdom that keeps us from the spiritual platitudes of “praying our problems away” and openness that allows us to sit at the table of peace with our families, with complete strangers, and YES, with those whom we consider our “enemies.”


Breathe deeply, imagine light surrounding the shoulder joint inside and out

Compassion reaches beyond fear and untruths to bring light and love to even the darkest corners of our hearts…and this, in turn, radiates out into the world.

Won’t you join us? 

Click HERE to register and receive exclusive access to our Cultivating Compassion page where we will post daily teachings from a variety of spiritual traditions on how to cultivate real compassion, and how to bring that quality to bear amidst chaos and fear. You will also receive a PDF all about cultivating compassion, and have access to audio recordings, meditation teachings, video and more!

Registration is by donation, for as little as $1 you can join us and get all those goodies.

We will also transform our homepage into a board for prayer requests where anyone can post – and it’s up to us to bring our compassionate intention to each request. This is our most popular event of the whole year! Please consider joining us, your compassion is needed now more than ever. 

Blessings, Arwen

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