Announcing Winter Retreat 2018: Lean In

Join us for our annual winter retreat! Starting on Sunday, February 18th and ending on Sunday, February 25th, we will spend 8 days sharing prayer, yoga, meditation and inspiration online and in-person. THIS IS OUR MOST POPULAR EVENT OF THE YEAR!

Our theme this year is “Leaning In”, a recurring mantra in my discussions with my friend and teacher, Aditi Devi, who is currently in an extended, deep retreat.

Before she went into retreat, we joked about these periods of intense spiritual practice described as ‘retreat’ – as if we were running away and hiding from something. If anything, dedicating yourself for a prescribed amount of time to contemplation and deepening one’s spiritual awareness feels more like ‘leaning toward’ rather than ‘moving away from’ our essential selves.


It is exactly that – leaning in – that we wish to accomplish with our shared retreat this year. Turning toward ourselves – our whole selves – holding our pain, acknowledging the skeletons in our closets, embracing the ghosts of our past. The wisdom literature of many world spiritualities bear out this truth: in order to be free from our suffering, we must know it deeply – understand it fully, and integrate that suffering into the wholeness of our being.

I sincerely hope you will join us this year and spend this week dedicated to deeper, lasting personal transformation by leaning in with the support of our online community, and the daily exercises including yoga, meditation, and inspirational teachings from many traditions. We will also incoroprate in-person offerings, dates and times TBA.

Register today and get your free PDF, all about retreat to help you prepare your mental and physical space for a successful retreat. Receive one-on-one guidance on how to tailor your retreat goals around a busy schedule. Registrants also get free admission to our in-person offerings.

This is a donation based event, all proceeds benefit The Holistic Homestead, a nonprofit dedicated to building healthy communities through outreach, education, and community service.


To add a prayer request, please comment below with a name and location and/or specific intention. Requests will be added to the front page and prayed for during our Winter Retreat. Blessings!

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