Announcing Winter Retreat 2019: Coming Home

Come home to your true self this February with The Holistic Homestead!

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Every winter we draw our energy inward, taking advantage of the slow and quiet time of the year to sip our tea and watch the snow fall. Even in the midst of a seemingly chaotic life, we are empowered to create space for reflection, to cultivate inner peace, to nourish our spirits, and to re-fill our cups.

(Click here to read about past retreats, inspiration for retreat, and why I keep doing these retreats)

The Holistic Homestead invites you to consider what that small space might feel and look like for you – waking up five minutes early to light a candle? Getting to the office a few minutes early, turning out the lights, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath?

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Every year we choose a theme for our Winter Retreat. This year we have chosen “Coming Home” as a way to point the spiritual compass right back at YOU – discovering that what we’ve been searching for all along resides within US, complete, perfect, and always present. It’s a way of looking in the mirror and saying to yourself, “Ah, there you are.” A way of breathing into the fullness of your whole being, and accepting with kindness and compassion whatever is arising in the moment.

If that sounds like a tall order, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. For two days this year, you will receive guided meditation, daily inspiration, quotes and teachings from renowned teachers, gentle and do-able breathing and moving exercises, and creative journaling prompts. We have also transformed our homepage into a prayer board, so all can participate in bringing mindfulness and compassion into practice.

Ready to join us? Click here to register and receive a special PDF all about retreat and “Coming Home 2019”.

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Special guest teachers and the schedule for our in-person retreat will be posted soon. This is a donation based event, all proceeds benefit The Holistic Homestead.

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