Arwen Pema Ek, Homeopath


I thought I’d take a few minutes to share a little bit about who I am and what I do.  I am a professional Homeopath, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and recently transplanted to Boulder, Colorado.  My life path is modeled on the mastering the Five Noble Arts according to Taoist philosophy: martial arts, performance arts, writing arts (calligraphy), spiritual arts and the healing arts.  Luckily, these are lifetime disciplines, so I will never be bored!

Homeopathy is the most profound, gentle, and effective healing art in the world.  It is based on the maxim “similia similibus curentur” which means “like cures like”.  In this way, the Homeopathic system transforms poisons into substances that heal from the inside out.  Homeopathy works with the minimum dose, which means you are taking the minimal amount of medicine to effect maximum benefit.  Finally, when you choose Homeopathy to support your healing you are receiving individualized treatment on a holistic level.  Just as no two headaches are alike, one ‘cure-all’ pill will not work for all headaches.  Homeopathic treatment works to support your overall well-being by choosing a remedy custom tailored for you – as your Homeopath, I will listen to all the levels on which you want support and healing.

Finally, thanks to modern technology, you can receive Homeopathic treatment from anywhere in the world.  I am available for house calls anywhere along the Front Range, and will work with you on an individualized and consistent basis to support your healing goals – you are in charge of your health and healing, and together we may embark on the healing journey.

If we have worked together before, please feel free to send in a quick testimonial about your experience working with me, and your healing journey in Homeopathy.  May all beings benefit, “Pema”


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