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And our #1 most popular post is…

The Holistic Homestead.org is way more than a blog - it's a resource. We have cataloged literally hundreds of articles covering everything from health policy, the vaccine debate, herbalism, spirituality and health, and first aid...if there's a topic that intersects with "holistic" and "homesteading" anywhere on the internet, you can be it's here! That's why … Continue reading And our #1 most popular post is…

Pineapple Weed for kids and kids-at-heart

Matricaria discoidea, commonly known as Pineapple Weed, is an astoundingly fragrant herb. It grows everywhere, preferring driveways and sidewalk cracks, almost as if it preferred to be stepped on. This humble little herb is usually ignored, and not well understood or utilized, even among herbalists. However, as the name "matricaria" denotes, Pineapple Weed is actually … Continue reading Pineapple Weed for kids and kids-at-heart

Pine Needle Vinaigrette a la Provence

Invariably, without fail, right on time: early spring in the Colorado Rockies brings on unbearable cabin fever! Before I know it, I'm outside, snow up to my knees, in a tee-shirt, chewing on pine needles. "Aaaahhh...blessed green-ness!" In fact, early spring - when the sap begins to rise - is the best time to harvest pine … Continue reading Pine Needle Vinaigrette a la Provence

The Power of Plantain

Yesterday, my sweet two-year-old tripped into a nettle patch. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later...he is high energy, curious and into everything! He was really surprised and then really angry at the stinging welts that sprang up on his ankles, a perfect opportunity for mommy to introduce him to the power … Continue reading The Power of Plantain

What are Dandelion Blossoms good for?

Dandelion Blossom Syrup is a tried-and-true, best-selling recipe that I've borrowed from my favorite herbalist Susun Weed. In her book, Healing Wise, she mentions the specific ability of dandelion blossoms to freshen tired skin and lift the spirits. When it comes to the time-honored delicacy of dandelion blossom syrup, however, she urges us to "feel … Continue reading What are Dandelion Blossoms good for?

Conversations with a mullein plant

Overlooked, undervalued and even criminalized – is that any way to treat such a soft, unassuming and generous plant? Mullein grows everywhere along the Peak to Peak: along highways, railroads and in everybody’s back yard. Mullein is officially classified as a noxious weed in Colorado, so mountain residents are getting out their torches and pitchforks … Continue reading Conversations with a mullein plant

Dr. B’s on SALE through March 1st!

I am so happy to announce that we are officially back in production of Dr. B’s cough syrup! This year’s recipe is much improved after much trial and error, and time to perfect the art of making herbal syrups. I am already receiving amazing testimonials about Dr. B’s – and everyone agrees on the most … Continue reading Dr. B’s on SALE through March 1st!