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Natural Baby – Healthy Child by Murray Clarke, ND., D.Hom., L.Ac

Natural Baby – Healthy Child: Alternative Health Care Solutions from Pre-conception Through Childhood, from Allergies to Autism, Aslthma, Ear Infections, Colds, Flus, and ADD/ADHD By Murray Clarke, ND., D.Hom., L.Ac. Every would-be, soon-to-be and veteran parent should read this book….

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Why Kids Eat Dirt

At a certain point with kids, everything goes into the mouth – toys, hands, feet, hair – you name it.  If it’s within reach, a baby will bring it to his mouth.  Tasting and chewing are a baby’s way of…

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Chamomilla: Dr. Mom’s best friend

Mentals: Anger, great irritability Irritable infants or children Must be carried; cries angrily if put down and parents must walk up and down to quiet him. Inconsolable children and infants Aversion to being touched.  Shies angrily away from being touched….

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