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Six ways we’re staying healthy at the Homestead

How do we help protect the public and keep our community healthy? Here are six things we are doing at the Market to boost immunity and prevent the spread of disease.

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Announcing 2020 Events!

Announcing our 2020 community events! Join us online and in the community for events and workshops that empower and inspire.

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When meditation is NOT good for you

Is your mind like a Rubik's cube?

Meditation is not what you think, or don’t think. Sitting quietly and listening deeply allows for the benefits of meditation to arise naturally, without having to try so hard.

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How to give free medical equipment to your community

home medical equipment

No one should ever have to pay for durable medical equipment out of pocket – learn how to start a free, equipment lending program in your community!

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Can cannabis cure cancer?

marijuana plant

Cannabis is well known for it’s ability to treat the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, but scientists are exploring it’s potential to treat cancer itself.

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Why and How to Sprout Almonds (EASY recipe)!

Soaking almonds improves digestibility and absorption of vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in almonds. Try this easy recipe to double the nutrition of your raw organic almonds!

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Sing-a-long First Aid for Kids: RICE it!

Sing-a-long with Arwen & Skully the Skeleton to learn about what to do when you get a boo-boo.

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You’re invited to our 3rd Annual Holistic Health Fair!

GET YOUR EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW!  This is a truly amazing event that gets bigger and better every year. Come and enjoy a day full of healing with reiki, massage therapy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, sound healing, healing touch, naturopathy, homeopathy,…

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Aging in Place, practical advice for enjoying our twilight years at home

I work closely with the elders in our community, primarily helping our elders to live at home safely for as long as possible. Amazingly, many of the elders in Gilpin County (with the fastest aging population in the state of…

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Hard Core Self Care: Just Do It!

Stress takes a toll on our bodies: Stress can lead to insomnia, or sleep deficiency. According to the National Institute of Health, “Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,…

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