Stranded? 10 expert tips to keep you safe

How often do you travel more than 20 miles by car? Are you taking your family to a relative's house for dinner? Going to a concert in the city? Spending the weekend in your mountain getaway? Wherever your destination, "preparedness prevents the necessity of requiring rescue" - as my mentor and Wilderness First Responder Instructor … Continue reading Stranded? 10 expert tips to keep you safe


How to save a life: understanding anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is an extreme allergic reaction experienced by some people with allergies to certain foods (like shellfish and peanuts), insect stings, and latex. Anaphylaxis should be differentiated from a common, non-emergent allergic reaction by the severity and locality of symptoms. A true anaphylactic reaction will involve multiple systems of the body, comes on within five … Continue reading How to save a life: understanding anaphylaxis

Learn REAL WORLD survival skills

Of all the training I've received, none is more relevant and useful than my training as a Wilderness First Responder. Carl Weil of Wilderness Medicine Outfitters is a leading expert in the field of Wilderness Medicine, and has pioneered much of the research and curriculum development that goes into these courses.  I'll be recertifying my … Continue reading Learn REAL WORLD survival skills

How to beat cabin fever

I recently asked some of the local, holistic practitioners in our area to weigh in on the phenomenon of Cabin Fever, Winter Blues, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Aiyanah of Intuitive Evolution in Black Hawk has first-hand experience with SAD: “Cabin Fever is definitely a real phenomenon. I feel it creep in every January after … Continue reading How to beat cabin fever

Homemade no-bake Fiber Bites

Mid winter everything slows down...even digestion. For me, February is the depth of bear season, where I just want to crawl under a pile of blankets and hibernate until the Spring Equinox. But for us humans, we still need to keep our basic physiological functions running with adequate input/output...which can also get a bit sluggish … Continue reading Homemade no-bake Fiber Bites

Breast Cancer? There is ALWAYS hope!

A new diagnosis of cancer is devastating. The first responses range from dispair, grief, anger, and confusion to depression, anxiety and hopelessness. Family members won't always have the right words, or know how to express their feelings beyond, "I'm sorry..." which seems so inadequate at times like these. These feelings are natural and should be … Continue reading Breast Cancer? There is ALWAYS hope!

DIY Winter Tonic Tea

Winter time calls for warming herbs that help us circulate, clear out and renew. Stuck indoors with stuffy, dry air and depressed immunity leads to lingering coughs and colds that take weeks to clear up. That is why I created the "Deep Breath" blend with equal parts wildcrafted mugwort, mullein and mint. A splash of … Continue reading DIY Winter Tonic Tea

What every parent needs to know about croup

2 am: The whole house is shaken by a loud, deep, rattling, "bark!" I sit straight up in bed, and realize the noise is coming from my 3 year old's bedroom..."bark! bark!" My heart is racing, as I fly out of bed, throw on my robe and rush toward his door..."bark!" my imagination conjures images … Continue reading What every parent needs to know about croup

Op-Ed to a community struggling to find compassion

Recently, the tiny mountain town of Nederland, Colorado was shaken by the discovery of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) left on the doorstep of our local police station. It took the Boulder County Bomb Squad, Hazmat Team, and Law Enforcement Agencies nearly 24 hours to remove the IED from the police department, and take it … Continue reading Op-Ed to a community struggling to find compassion

Health Poll: What would YOU do?

In the rural, "frontier" communities scattered deep in the recesses of the Colorado Rockies, we treasure our independence, our proximity with nature at her most raw and devastating and transcendent, and we especially love keeping our neighbors at least a mile away ("as long as I can't see in his windows"). There's another thing that … Continue reading Health Poll: What would YOU do?