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Holistic Health Fair a SUCCESS!

AND…if you’re following us on Facebook, take advantage of our online silent auction continuing throughout December! Thank you to all who attended! This was a great fundraiser for the Homestead, everyone walked away knowing a little more, feeling more aligned,…

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Molly Turner answers the question, what is a CCH?

Certifications and licenses for holistic practitioners are ultimately a good thing – they demonstrate commitment to a healing craft, peer-reviewed qualifications, and it sets a measurable bar for clients to understand what makes a practitioner qualified to give certain treatments….

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Meet Lisa Zucker, a truly whole-istic healer

I am so grateful to have recently met Lisa Zucker – an incredibly well-rounded practitioner of massage therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, and Zumba teacher (which has to be the most engaging and uplifting dance workout on the planet!). She is the…

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