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What’s the ROI when you shop local?

Sometimes it’s hard to quantify the benefit of choosing to shop at small, local markets rather than “big box” stores in the cities. There is no ready formula for the “Return On Investment” that our community enjoys because the Homestead is stocked and open to the public six days a week. We do, however, have some compelling data.

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Community Food Share celebrates 5 years!

The Community Food Share started in 2018 with just a few crates of veggies, and now we have a whole cooler to fill! Help us keep our cooler stocked and our community healthy, join the CFS today!

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Annual Membership Meeting & Elections

The benefits of membership goes way beyond beets! Read about all the reasons to be a member of the Homestead, and make sure you show up for the Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday, January 30!

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