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Stepping out of the retreat hut

close up photography of incenses

Thank you for joining us for Winter Retreat 2021: Making it from Scratch! Blessings, offerings, and gratitude to all who participated. Dedicating the merit.

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Winter Retreat Day 3: Just This Moment

Hoag Holmgren offers his witty wisdom for our third day of winter retreat, “Making it from Scratch”, suggesting we are always making our lives from scratch, every single moment.

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Winter Retreat Day 2: Just Breathe

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Enjoy two videos recorded exclusively for our Winter Retreat, to guide you in achieving peace, balance, and resilience. Bonus video at the end!

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Winter Retreat Day 1: Lectio Divina

white book page with lighted candle

When starting anything from scratch, it helps to start at the beginning. Since our retreat involves a lot of reading, on day one we address the topic of how to read – or how to get the most out of…

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Winter Retreat 2021: Making it from Scratch

Join us for our 6th Annual Online Winter Retreat 2021: Making it from Scratch! February 12-13-14.

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Winter Retreat Day 7: Bridging the Gap in Action

Last Thursday we hosted Professor Bill Simpson for a potluck “Agape Feast” here at the Homestead, as part of our annual Winter Retreat. It was a wonderful gathering with delicious food and lively conversation. Professor Simpson talked about his recent…

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Winter Retreat Day 6: Lighting the Chakras

Today’s reading comes to us from Melissa Freeman of Mountain Zen Candles in Nederland, Colorado. Melissa’s hand-made chakra candles correspond to seven energetic centers in our spiritual bodies, with the associated color, vibration, sound, and scent. Her candles are on…

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Winter Retreat Day 5: Parenting as Path

Adapted from an invited talk given at the Zen Center of Denver for The Holistic Homestead’s 2020 Winter Retreat by Zen teacher Hoag Holmgren who has lived with his family in Nederland since 1999. He’s an apprentice Zen teacher, an…

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Winter Retreat Day 4: Vibrational Sound Meditation

Our reading for today comes from Danae Beaudette, a sound healer and massage therapist. Click here to learn more about her services and book a sound healing session! What is a Vibrational Sound Meditation? Vibrational Sound Meditation consists of playing instruments…

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Winter Retreat Day 3: Song of the Star People

Todays practice comes to us from the Star People, the original ancestors of the Cherokee people. They taught this song to the Cherokee as a way for the people to stay connected with their ancestors – past, present, and future….

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