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If you only do ONE thing to reduce waste…

Ditch the plastic! Now! Stop buying it! Stop creating it! It’s not only bad for the planet, but credible, scientific research is revealing that it is also bad for our health: 

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Watch this 5 minute video: Zero Waste Basics

Since committing to this Zero Waste thing…I’ve found it’s a lot harder than it looks. How about “Less Waste” for starters? One of the first things we did in our household was to say “NO!” to plastic diapers. Our 3…

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Make Your New Year’s Resolution with the Homestead: Zero Waste 2017

Spending the holidays with family in the city – away from our quiet, simple homestead in the mountains – has been a bit of a culture shock. At the homestead, we fill one kitchen-size trash can every two weeks. (Which…

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