Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Homestead!

We love our Mountain Mamas – some of the hardest working mamas around. We chop wood, drag slash, carry water, and clean out the privy. Fa real, it’s hard work and we love it. So, with all the depths of gratitude and amazement for our Mountain Mamas, we’re instigating a new tradition here at the Homestead: Mountain Mama Mother’s Day Tea Party! 22382054_1521393101232435_2631318515818943086_o

Join us on Sunday, May 13th from 3 to 6 pm at the Homestead Market, 972 Golden Gate Canyon Rd. for refreshing herbal tea, delicious vegan friendly and gluten free snacking, foot baths and herbal face masks for mama and wildcrafted gift making project for the kiddos 12 and under! The event is donation based for mamas and kiddos, general admission is $20. Pre-registration is required (so I know how many avocados to buy for face masks…)

Register HERE and see you there!

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