DIY All Natural Easter egg dye

The best question I got at our CSA pick-up today was, “Can I have your onion skins?” There’s no better place to get ’em when I’ve got a case of onions on the table! IMG_20180324_173625

This particular customer uses onion skins, the dry, papery protective layer around your yellow onions to dye her Easter eggs by placing the skins at the bottom of a tray, covering with olive oil, and placing the eggs on top. Leave overnight, remove eggs in the morning and they have a lovely tie-dye effect.

Other non-toxic coloring agents include parsley, beets, turmeric, and blueberries. I prefer to use vinegar to extract the color onto my eggs, but the oil idea sounds intriguing! (And afterword, we’ll have a delicious homemade Easter vinaigrette!)

Did you try this at home? Send us your pictures and best recipes! 

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