These businesses and organizations believe in having access to fresh, healthy food, as well as having affordable health and wellness resources for our community. Sponsorship helps us keep our community healthy and strong! What’s in it for your business?

  • Brand visibility: Organic, Sustainable and Homesteader level sponsors all get a free booth at all our events throughout the year – 12 opportunities to meet the community and promote your brand face to face. Sustaniable and Homesteader Sponsors get your logo printed on all our promotional advertising.
  • Community Recognition: Sustainable and Homesteader level sponsors both get a big THANK YOU from us here on our website with almost 1,000 unique visitors (not just passive views, but people scrolling through our website) every month, in our Membership newsletter that goes out to over 300 households weekly, and to our thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and NextDoor.
  • Creative Approval: Homesteader Sponsors have the opportunity to collaborate with the Homestead on how their logo and story are represented by the Homestead, to make sure we are representing your brand and your values the way you want it.
  • Metrics: Interested in the ROI for your sponsorship? Homesteader level sponsors will receive a comprehensive report of all marketing materials featuring your logo, and how much engagement it received (number of recipients, likes, shares, and comments)
  • Open Communication & Custom Packages: Your sponsorship means the Homestead can keep the doors open and the lights on to serve the community! When you sponsor the Homestead, you become a partner in directly improving health and wellness for our neighbors, and your customers! We are available to you to promote your brand in unique ways, brainstorm creative branding, and bringing your brand visibility front and center in new and exciting ways. Email connect@theholistichomestead.org to start the conversation today!

Read about the giving levels below and click here to become a 2023 sponsor today!


Homesteaders are businesses and foundations who sponsor an event or program at the $1,000 + level. Their logo gets top billing here on our website and on our print advertising, feature article on our blog, “Sponsor of the Month” feature in our Membership newsletter, and a shout out on social media AND all the perks of Sustainable and Organic level sponsorships. Click here to become a Homesteader Level Sponsor today!


Our Sustainable Sponsors give $500 or more. These sponsors get all the Organic benefits AND have their logos here on our website, in our weekly email newsletter and a shout out on Social Media! Click here to become a Sustainable Sponsor today!


Organic sponsorship starts at $250. Organic Sponsors get their logo here on our website, a booth at our First Saturdays Farmers Markets and a shout out on Social Media! Click here to become an Organic Sponsor today!

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