• Membership Appreciation Week!
    The Holistic Homestead is a Membership Based and Volunteer Powered nonprofit that is the fastest growing grassroots movement in the county! We currently have over 200 members on our roster, and it is because of our members that we keep…
  • Fall Roadside Clean Up!
    Join us for our Fall Roadside Cleanup Sunday, September 19th
  • Labor Day Weekend Farmers Market….our BIGGEST EVENT EVER!
    Don’t miss our Labor Day Weekend Farmers Market this year at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds! 12 vendors, 3 live bands, face painting, fresh produce, local crafts, FOOD and contests! I love that our Board of Directors came up with the…
  • Announcing NEW LOCATION for our Farmers Markets!
    4th of July Weekend Farmers Market at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds! Fri-Sat-Sun July 2-3-4 from 10-4 daily! Live music! Face painting! Local vendors! Fresh produce!
  • Announcing the OFFICIAL live performances LINE UP!
    Don’t miss these live performances by local talent at the Memorial Day Weekend Farmers Market!
  • Spring Cleanse 2021 Day 2: Use what you have
    Here are five secret ingredients that you already have to make the most of your Spring Cleanse.
  • Spring Cleanse 2021 Day 1: Start where you are
    How do you know where to start with a cleanse? Which detox program is the best for your constitution? Read on to find out!
  • Spring Cleanse 2021: Do you hate “cleansing”?
    I hate cleansing. But I know it’s good for me. Read why I stopped cleansing to lose weight, and started cleansing as a way to nourish and love myself.
  • The Homestead is Hiring!
    Join the Homestead! Now hiring a part time Market Manager and Assistant Director. Application deadline April 12.
  • Homestead Cafe opening Sunday, March 21st!
    Come check out our pay-what-you-can cafe opening March 21st!
  • Feeding Gilpin County – an innovative approach
    We are pleased to announce the receipt of a generous grant from the Colorado COVID relief fund for the three food pantries in Gilpin County.
  • “Make it from Scratch” in 2021
    We’re making everything from scratch at the Homestead in 2021! Join us for a year full of all things homemade, improvised, DIY, and handmade.
  • Happy New Year from the Homestead
    Happy New Year from our Homestead to Yours! Watch this 1 min video to see what we’ve accomplished in 2020!
  • See what we have planned for 2021!
    Become a sustaining member of the Homestead with a small, monthly contribution of $5, $10, or $15 on Patreon!
  • What is the best way to keep public spaces COVID-safe?
    Do plexiglass barriers really help prevent the spread of COVID-19? Read our comparative research of effective engineering controls, and our best choice for an air purifier!
  • How our Co-Op is thriving in economic uncertainty
    Ten months into a global pandemic and economic recession, our tiny grassroots nonprofit is thriving. Learn our secret to sustainable success.
  • Our continuing efforts to serve the community during COVID-19
    The entire nonprofit sector is mobilized to keep our communities healthy and safe. Volunteers needed NOW!
  • Community Resources during Closures and Cancellations
    The Homestead will remain open Thursdays through Sundays from 10-3 for the next several weeks. Read how we’re protecting our customers and offering extra support and resources to our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Six ways we’re staying healthy at the Homestead
    How do we help protect the public and keep our community healthy? Here are six things we are doing at the Market to boost immunity and prevent the spread of disease.
  • Winter Retreat Day 7: Bridging the Gap in Action
    Last Thursday we hosted Professor Bill Simpson for a potluck “Agape Feast” here at the Homestead, as part of our annual Winter Retreat. It was a wonderful gathering with delicious food and lively conversation. Professor Simpson talked about his recent…
  • Winter Retreat Day 6: Lighting the Chakras
    Today’s reading comes to us from Melissa Freeman of Mountain Zen Candles in Nederland, Colorado. Melissa’s hand-made chakra candles correspond to seven energetic centers in our spiritual bodies, with the associated color, vibration, sound, and scent. Her candles are on…
  • Winter Retreat Day 5: Parenting as Path
    Adapted from an invited talk given at the Zen Center of Denver for The Holistic Homestead’s 2020 Winter Retreat by Zen teacher Hoag Holmgren who has lived with his family in Nederland since 1999. He’s an apprentice Zen teacher, an…
  • Winter Retreat Day 4: Vibrational Sound Meditation
    Our reading for today comes from Danae Beaudette, a sound healer and massage therapist. Click here to learn more about her services and book a sound healing session! What is a Vibrational Sound Meditation? Vibrational Sound Meditation consists of playing instruments…
  • Winter Retreat Day 2: Finding joy in our practice
    How do we find joy in our spiritual practices?
  • Winter Retreat Day 1: Revolutionary Gratitude
    Discover a deeper meaning of gratitude with Joanna Macy, and remember this profound gratitude throughout your retreat.
  • Breaking Bread & Bridging the Gap
    You are cordially invited to join us Thursday, February 13 at the Homestead from 4-6 for a potluck and discussion facilitated by Professor Bill Simpson.
  • How can spirituality “Bridge the Gap”?
    Join us for our annual winter retreat February 9-15! The online and in-person offerings will explore the theme of “Bridging the Gap”.
  • Experience the benefits of Sound Healing
    How often do we think about aural health? Experience the amazing benefits of Sound Healing with Danae Beaudette February 9th at the Homestead!
  • Announcing 2020 Events!
    Announcing our 2020 community events! Join us online and in the community for events and workshops that empower and inspire.
  • Join the Board of Directors
    Join the Board of Directors at the Holistic Homestead, a 501c3 dedicated to improving health and wellness through education, outreach and advocacy.
  • It’s time to GET FRESH with the Homestead!
    The Homestead Market is finally opening in January 2020! Read how YOU can support this small, community powered resource!
  • Introducing Patreon, an affordable way to make a big impact
    When you join the Homestead, you become part of an amazing community. Our commitment to our membership is to follow through with our commitment to prioritize health and wellness by making heath care affordable and accessible. And when our membership…
  • The case of the mystery tincture
    Always label your herbs! But just in case you forget, here’s how to identify St. John’s Wort tincture and infused oil. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Meet Helene Arendt, local metalsmith and Homestead sponsor
    Meet our featured sponsor Helene Arendt of CSB Metalsmith – she handcrafts beautiful custom jewelry and supports the Holistic Homestead
  • Can cannabis cure cancer?
    Cannabis is well known for it’s ability to treat the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, but scientists are exploring it’s potential to treat cancer itself.
  • Sing-a-long First Aid for Kids: RICE it!
    Sing-a-long with Arwen & Skully the Skeleton to learn about what to do when you get a boo-boo.
  • Winter Retreat Day 3: Closing our retreat with a smile
    Our article for the final day of our retreat today is from a dear, and long-time friend of mine, and frequent contributor to The Holistic Homestead: Aditi Devi, PhD. Aditi had been traveling and studying Goddess traditions in Asia for…
  • Winter Retreat Day 2: No Better Place
    When I asked Hoag Holmgren, Zen Buddhist teacher and author of the new Zen primer No Better Place, what it means to truly “come home”, he sent me a copy of his new book. I found in it’s pages pithy…
  • Winter Retreat Day 1: Coming Home with self-care
    Today we enjoyed four hours at 7 Healing Stars together, getting massage, dancing, meditating, doing yoga, drinking tea and sharing a healing and sacred space. It was a truly beautiful experience to share with others, and I wanted to extend…
  • Why request a prayer…why pray?
    To begin, I realize “prayer” can be a loaded word: it has obvious religious overtones or connotations of belief in a higher power, may imply expectation of reward, or may perpetuate wishful thinking without action based on hope and fear….
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