Heads Up!

Heads Up

Heads Up (Photo credit: Trent Strohm)

First, a big THANK YOU for so many of you who have been following this blog, subscribing and ‘liking’ my posts – you keep me inspired, truly.

I wanted to give you a ‘head’s up’ about some changes that you will see around here soon, I’m feelin’ a change in the wind…

NEW Name!  Look for “The Holistic Homestead” in place of “Infinite Potential Homeopathy.”  It’s easier to say and type (for starters) and it is the fruition of integrating my “Homestead” Cottage Apothecary with my Homeopathic practice, and all manifesting on this blog which is becoming increasingly focused on Preventative Medicine and Holistic Health.  (woo-hoo!)

NEW look!  Just like your favorite shampoo that you can’t find because they’ve ‘re-branded’ I want you to be pleasantly surprised by the new look that is coming to this site – hopefully, more streamlined, more easy-on-the-eyes so-to-speak, more accessible.

Thanks to wordpress.com for hosting Infinite Potential for free…I may even be purchasing my own domain here pretty soon…

Gratitude in abundance!  -Arwen

Your Friendly Neighborhood Homeopath & co

Your Friendly Neighborhood Homeopath & co

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