Here at The Holistic Homestead, we are most passionate about YOUR health and wellness. That’s why we’ve organized these resources for you to bookmark, reference, share and use as a part of your self-care, family-care and community-caring work.

You are invited to join the Holistic Book Club featuring a new book every month! Vitality!

For descriptions of commonly used herbal and homeopathic remedies and some of my best formulas, browse our ever-growing online Apothecary.

For articles by, for and about moms and the amazing healing work they do every day check out Dr. Mom.

It is true that 99% of healthcare is really delivered by mothers – women who care every day for their children, their families and their community. Every meal prepared is the best nourishment possible, every illness attended with the most love and the best remedies available. Our mission is to help you take better care of yourself and your families using natural remedies and common-sense preventative measures.

Your feedback is always welcome! Please write directly to The Holistic Homestead to tell us what worked, what didn’t work, maybe how you tweaked a recipe and made an amazing discovery, or to share your stories, your frustrations, your triumphs. Holistic health means that we never heal by ourselves, but as a community working together to heal bodies, minds and spirits.

Many blessings and “Here’s to your health!”

Arwen, founder of The Holistic Homestead


4 thoughts on “Health & Wellness

    1. Hi, Thank you so much for your comment. Please like, share and follow The Holistic Homestead to get a free e-mail every time we publish a post. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or topics you’d like to see covered on this site. Register for our spring cleanse to get a free PDF all about cleansing! Here’s to your health, Arwen

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    1. Dear Queens Quinoa,

      I appreciate your attempt to share your wonderful product on my blog. Your “cut and paste” comments will be marked as spam from now on. However, if Queens Quinoa is interested in becoming an official sponsor for The Holistic Homestead I may be open to learning more about your product, and perhaps writing a review. Just let me know. Sincerely, Arwen

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