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everyday detox

At first glance, Everyday Detox is really just a recipe book. Sure, the recipes are simple, wholesome and they look delicious, but how can that help me to detox when our environment is so inescapably toxic – from GMO contamination to prolific pesticides, pollution in our food and water and don’t even get me started on the toxicology of modern pharmaceuticals! My training taught me that the best response is cleansing twice a year that is equally as drastic: fasting, juicing, and taking herbal supplements to draw out the heavy metals and chemicals built up into the nooks and crannies of our bodies.

Judging Everyday Detox purely by it’s cover, I didn’t give this book much credence. So I set it aside and

stared at the cover photo of a roasted veggie pizza garnished with fresh arugula, crumbled feta and drizzled with olive oil…until I couldn’t stand it any longer – and I had to peek inside.

As it turns out, the author Megan Gilmore is a lot like me. Young, enthusiastic, and passionate about healthy living and preventative medicine. It even turns out we share some similar addictions as I recently read in her refreshingly candid blog:

“Three days doesn’t leave you with much time to crash diet to look camera-ready, either. The “old me” probably would have tried to do a strict juice fast or eat low-carb to look as skinny as possible on camera (since it supposedly adds 10 pounds), but this experience proved to me that I’m in a much better place than I used to be– I had no urge to do anything crazy, and I didn’t feel the need to stress eat, either. As a former binge eater, this was huge for me!”

Everyday Detox author Megan Gilmore (center) posing with maple pecan glazed pumkin bars for Home & Family Show
Everyday Detox author Megan Gilmore (center) posing with maple pecan glazed pumkin bars for Home & Family Show

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Coming soon: Kill the Silence by Monika Korra

Links to recommended books:

This is what you just put in your mouth? by Patrick Di Justo

The Allergy-Fighting Garden by Thomas Leo Ogren

What are you hungry for? by Deepak Chopra, MD

The Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis

Natural Baby – Healthy Child by Murray Clarke, ND, DHom, LAc

Vitality by Dr. Kathleen Fry


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