Horehound, the original cough drop



Does this shrub look familiar? Look closer…soft, hairy rounded leaves, tall, proud stalks, crowned with purple poufs – horehound grows in more places than you know – it grows as wild as the weeds in almost every corner of North America, and is a hardy addition to your medicine garden.

Marrubium Vulgare is a member of the mint family, making it easy to establish and propagate. It is also a favorite for attracting bees. Most importantly, it is the original cough drop. Horehound can be prepared as a tea, infusion, syrup, hard candy or you can add a couple leaves to a spoonful of honey and bon-appetit!

Horehound is also an important herb for opening and circulating lung qi, for lung qi constraint with difficult expectoration. It soothes the throat and lungs, especially when the sensation is hot, tight, and dry.

According to one of my favorite field guides Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs by Peterson and Hobbs, “pharmacological studies show that horehound extracts contain diterpenes and other compounds that have anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and antibacterial properties.” This herb is safe, gentle and effective for home preparations and use for the entire family. But don’t take my word for it…try it yourself!

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