How can spirituality “Bridge the Gap”?

Every winter The Holistic Homestead hosts a week-long online and in-person retreat dedicated to focussing on spirituality and health, and giving you tools to incorporate spirituality into your daily life.

This year, we are considering the theme of “Bridging the Gap”…so, the first question that comes to mind is:

“What ‘Gap’?”

The ‘gap’ that is calling to be bridged exists on many levels: personal, familial, national. Even within our own being, we might ask ourselves if we experience a gap between what we want and what we need, how we live and how we would like to be living – the gap between our goals and our reality.

Register for Winter Retreat 2020: Bridging the Gap, online and in-person events February 9-15

What does “Bridging the Gap” mean for you?

When you register for Winter Retreat 2020 you will receive a PDF with more information about spirituality and health, and how to customize your retreat experience. Then, every day from February 9 – 15, you will receive an e-mail with live audio or video teachings, and written essays from spiritual teachers including Aditi Devi and Hoag Holmgren (who have contributed to past retreats).

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You will also be invited to join us for these two, exclusive, in-person events during the week:

Introduction into Sound Meditation with Danae Beaudette Sunday, February 9th from 2 – 3 pm at The Holistic Homestead.

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Professionally, Danae Beaudette is a Sound Therapist, a Massage Therapist, and holds a Certificate in Nutrition. She lives in Central City and loves serving the Community.Sound meditation is a meditation that helps Bridge the Gap and affects our vibrational bodies in a soft way, but on a deep level physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Danae will be sharing the crystal singing bowls, the gong, the Tibetan bowls, the buffalo drum, and the Ocean drum with you. She will be teaching you about Sound Therapy, how you can select your instruments, and various techniques to play the instruments. What’s awesome about sound therapy is everyone can learn how to play these instruments and there are so many options, creating many ways to Bridge the Gap! 

And an Agape Feast, potluck and lecture by CU Philosophy professor Bill Simpson on Thursday, February 13 from 4-6 at the Holistic Homestead. (Details coming soon!)

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