How to prepare for your cleanse

Our Spring Cleanse 2018 starts in 5 days – are you prepared? Use this checklist to make sure you get the most out of your dedicated time for gentle self-renewal:

1. Set your intention – intention is seriously the #1 thing that keeps me going through a cleanse! The first few days, especially, can be rough (depending on your level of cleansing, and the stress your body is under the rest of the year). My intention this year is, “gently, deeply” – I’m using it like a mantra when I’m hungry, sore, cold, tired, irritable, and then inspired, lighter, calmer, softer and more open. Try this: take out a piece of paper and some colorful pencils or markers. Light a candle, take a few deep breaths. Ask the universe, or a higher power, for your guiding intention for your cleanse. Then just start writing, or drawing, or coloring. It may start as a blob, that grows into a flower. It may start as a jumble of words, that evolve into a mantra. Make it beautiful, make it your own. pexels-photo-415359.jpeg2. REGISTER for The Holistic Homestead’s Spring Cleanse 2018! Now that your heart has pointed the way, you decide if you want: the recipes only (7 days of cleansing recipes + inspirational quotes and quips + access to our live online community of fellow cleansers); one or two juicing parties (live and in person at The Holistic Homestead on Sunday, March 25th and again on Saturday, March 31st – include fresh juiced cleansing drink, my favorite green smoothie, detoxifying foot baths and cleansing yoga moves + access to our live community of fellow cleansers); or THE WHOLE SHA-BANG which includes 7 days of recipes/inspiration, both juicing parties, access to our live online community of fellow cleansers AND 10% off your cleansing supplies/ingredients when you purchase from The Holistic Homestead! greensmoothieresize33. Plan ahead: get your calendars out and write down your plan for the seven days of your cleanse. First, write your intention/mantra in big, bold, colorful letters at the top of your cleansing week. Then decide which days you can totally rest, without too much activity. Those should be your “fasting” days, cushioned on either side by light, easy to digest fare. The more specific you can be, the better. Your calendar will be your default when you feel tired, or tempted to break your fast. If you can look at your calendar and realize you get to enjoy a delicious smoothie between miso and wild rice for lunch and butternut squash soup with gluten free crackers for dinner, you’ll be more likely to stick with your original intention. Don’t forget to schedule in a long walk in nature, sauna, hot tub, foot soak, and luxurious bath! (Who said cleansing can’t be fun?) pexels-photo-910193.jpeg4. Make your shopping list: Everyone’s shopping list should include TONS of fresh, organic veggies; Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar; a non-dairy source of probiotics such as a supplement, kombucha, or GoodBelly; a few delicious fruits for your juicing and smoothies; and plenty of soups and veggie stock. My list also has room for a few “cheater” snacks like raw, organic nuts and seeds, and gluten free crackers. Remember, we’re trying to be as gentle on our whole selves as possible. Cleansing should be joyful, not punishment.

Fresh Organic Produce

Our CSA brings fresh, organic, produce to the heart of rural Colorado twice a month

5. Tell your friends and family! The more support you have up front, the easier it will be for you to excuse yourself from going out for pizza. Give your family the option of joining you for simple, light fare during the week of your cleanse, or eating different meals just for this week. You might also take this opportunity to explain that you are consciously changing your relationship with food, and other toxic influences in your life. Pause to pray over your plate before you eat; chew each bite (or sip) thoroughly, with intention, and many more times than usual (this stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes, and actually starts the digestive process in the mouth, before it gets to your stomach allowing your body to assimilate the maximum amount of nutrition). pexels-photo-905336.jpeg 

Did you remember to do step 2? Don’t worry, here’s the link again to REGISTER TODAY for Spring Cleanse 2018! 

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