How to start a CSA from scratch

On the road to opening our co-operative market and wellness center, we’ve decided to launch a CSA! What is a CSA?




…we could also call it Community Supported Health & Wellness, or Community Supported Community…because CSA’s really are all of that and then some! CSAs bring communities together around healthy eating and active living, and offer full-circle community engagement – you meet the farmers and producers, you get to know your neighbors, you “buy in” to keep it going, you reap the benefit by having a reliable source of healthy food and nourishing ingredients to fuel your life.


Join us! Our Member’s Markets are now open on the first Saturday of every month from 1 to 5, come browse our offerings, become a member, share your offerings! In addition, we will be joined by local healers and presenters offering donation-based treatments, consultations and brief seminars. Local music + organic food + sustainable community = health!

See you there, Arwen

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