If you only do ONE thing to reduce waste…

Ditch the plastic! Now! Stop buying it! Stop creating it! It’s not only bad for the planet, but credible, scientific research is revealing that it is also bad for our health: 

  • Plastic absorbs toxins like a sponge, and then when we come in contact with plastic (through our skin, or in our food and water) we ingest and absorb these toxins
  • Toxins from plastics build up in the body damaging our livers, and in some cases, leading to cancer.
  • We are exposed to plastic softening agents called Phthalates in food additives, plastic food containers, beauty products, OTC medications, chemical fertilizers, household cleaners and plastic medical supplies (to name a few)…these agents are show to cause serious birth defects and gene mutations.
  • Most plastics are made from petroleum – and are linked with the environmental destruction and degradation of personal health related with the oil extraction industry. (Source: Earth Resource Foundation)

If you only do ONE thing for your health, and for the health of the planet, to reduce your waste as part of our 30 day challenge to Zero Waste 2017…do THIS: 


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