Increase Health Literacy through Corporate Sponsorship

According to, “Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.” Why is health literacy important? Studies estimate nearly 30 million people in this country have “below basic” health literacy. These people are more likely to report having poor health, limited access to appropriate health care, and have higher rates of hospitalization directly contributing to rising costs in health care.  Health literacy is directly related to improved treatment outcomes, healthier lifestyles, better preventative, self-care  and long-term management of chronic illness.


The more you know, the healthier you are!

The Holistic Homestead proactively improves the health literacy of the Peak to Peak region along the Front Range in Colorado – and beyond – through:

  • publishing researched and accessible wellness articles in the Mountain Ear and Weekly Register Call, and on this website – we have hundreds of readers around the world who have searched our 400+ articles about natural health and wellness since 2013!
  • hosting regular wellness workshops that empower people to take charge of their health through cooking healthy food; identifying, harvesting and safely using wild edible and medicinal plants; and first aid and preventative medicine.
  • Hands-On Health for Kids! program takes basic health literacy to the youngest learners engaging them with song, dance, reading, and hands on activities to help them learn about nutrition, anatomy, first aid, and more!

YOUR SPONSORSHIP has a direct impact on health literacy!

  • Hands-On Health for Kids! $1000 covers the supplies, equipment and supplies needed for one year of bringing our Hands-On-Health for Kids! program to local schools, libraries and after-school programs.
  • Community Wellness Programs: $500 helps us put on 3 community wellness programs hosted at the Homestead: Winter Retreat, Spring Cleanse, and the Summer Solistice Wildcrafting Event.
  • Health Literacy starts HERE $250 helps keep this website live with fresh, unique content that informs and empowers people all over the world.

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