Intention is 90% of the work

What is your intention as you enter any activity? Whether it’s healing work, spiritual work, or 9 to 5 work, what is your deeply held intention? May I suggest that our intentions set us up for success or failure, happiness or suffering. This is especially potent for those in the healing profession or the medical field. Numerous studies in the field of bio-psycho-social medicine have proven again and again the amazing power of our intentions – as if our very cells could read our minds (and they do)!

Therefore, as we embark on our annual winter retreat, I encourage everyone to literally sit down and write out their intentions – what you wish to accomplish through this retreat on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels. Then, use this piece of paper as a map to guide you through the next week, as a gentle reminder of your highest intentions for the benefit of all beings.


There is still time to register! There is no minimum donation, but you must sign up to get access to all the behind the scenes resources, daily guided meditations, free admission to our day-long retreat Friday, February 23rd and the Sound Healing event on Saturday.


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