Introducing Patreon, an affordable way to make a big impact

When you join the Homestead, you become part of an amazing community. Our commitment to our membership is to follow through with our commitment to prioritize health and wellness by making heath care affordable and accessible. And when our membership voted to create a co-operative grocery store in the heart of Gilpin County, we took on the challenge. 
Just over two years later, we are literally weeks away from having our large, retail space at 972 Golden Gate Canyon Rd. that will be open to the public Thursday-Sunday 10-3! While I’m excited, I’m also nervous...will our members really shop here? Will we have enough community support to keep going?
As it turns out, our biggest asset is YOU, our members! Your $25 annual membership helps us continue our work in the community, improving health and wellness through education, outreach and advocacy. Your continued membership proves this co-op market will work, and will thrive in our community for years to come. 
We want to keep membership easy for you, and are diversifying the many ways you can continue to be an active member, and get all the benefits of membership, while making a big impact for your favorite little nonprofit co-operative grocery store. Becoming a “patron” of the Homestead Market is the right solution if you

  • want to give more, but can’t afford a large one-time gift
  • love the Homestead and our mission
  • don’t want to wonder about when your membership expires
  • will enjoy the added benefits of being a patron

Patreon makes it possible for you to support the Homestead with small, recurring monthly payments that pay dividends for this community project including: 

  • helping us budget for ongoing expenses
  • keeping our prices competitive
  • proving our viability to potential investors

Ready to get started? Click here to become a patron today! Our goal is 10 patrons by December 31st, and all new patrons this month get a bonus gift. Check out the benefits on Patreon today, and thank you! 
– Arwen

One Comment on “Introducing Patreon, an affordable way to make a big impact

  1. Hi Arwen (or whomever is reading this),

    What a great idea to have a monthly membership/donation to the Homestead!

    I just wanted to let you know that I tried to register to be an official patron, but was unable to do so. It definitely could have been user error (I’m terrible with a computer), but when I submitted my credit card info there was an error message saying that for the reward I chose, I needed to enter a shipping address. However, I never had an option to choose a reward, and I also was never given an option to enter a shipping address. As far as I could tell, there was no way around that error message, so I couldn’t move forward.

    Hopefully this info is helpful; just wanted to pass it along so you’re aware, and because I hope that it’s easy for everyone to sign up and support the Homestead!


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