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Dear Friends,

“Colorado Gives” day is a day especially dedicated to supporting the many nonprofits in Colorado who do amazing work to make Colorado, and our world a better place. The Holistic Homestead is on the verge of joining the ranks as a bona fide 501(c)(3)…in fact, we are just $400 away from sending in the application to the IRS.

As the founding director, one of my goals with the Homestead has been self-sufficiency on all levels. Rather than taking out a loan or asking my family for a big chunk of money, I wanted to create an organization that built on its own value through offering an unique product line to outreach and educational programming that really benefits YOU.

In this way, we’re a bit like PBS or NPR: we are a membership based organization, directly dependent on a broad spectrum of support to cover operational/start-up costs and ongoing programming. Believe me, I’ve been writing grants like crazy to fund our big projects like the Used Medical Equipment Drive – but maintaining the ongoing value that YOU derive from following this blog and participating in our annual events is up to all of us.

It takes a village


Help us get to the top – donate today

As of this writing, I am so proud to see that this blog alone has 419 followers (a gradual and steady increase since we launched in 2012, in addition to our 20 newsletter subscribers and 735 Facebook fans!), so, if each one of you donated just $6 we would reach our fundraising goal of $2,500!

If you read our articles regularly, try out some of our recipes, share our headlines with friends, how would you value that? Maybe you make your own cough syrup from scratch and sell it at farmers markets, or perhaps you are a health care professional and find useful information that you pass on to your clients and patients – what dollar amount would you put to that?


Our DIY natural first aid kit classes and articles were a big hit in 2016!

Now is the best time to make a contribution to the Homestead – and I’m looking for 16 of you, my loyal readers, to step up and donate $25 right now, to get us to that $400 IRS application fee. The sooner we get that golden designation as a viable, charitable organization, the sooner we can get going on the really big stuff – upgrading the website and adding a “members only” page where you will have exclusive access to the freshest products, the latest news, and one-on-one holistic network support.

Oh, did I mention that your donation of $25 makes you a member of the Homestead? And that you will start receiving our monthly newsletter in January? Yeah, the hits just keep on comin’…

Please donate today. Thank you for your continued support. We keep going because of your comments, feedback and encouragement – together we are changing the landscape of health care! Sincerely, the Homestead team – Arwen, Katie, Laura, Casey, & Melissa

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