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Serving on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit is an immensely rewarding experience. Not only do you get to add invaluable professional credentials to your resume, but you will also enjoy the satisfaction of contributing directly to the causes you care most about.

Most nonprofit Boards have three basic Director titles: President, Secretary and Treasurer. These roles are vital to the life of the organization, and help ensure effective use of donations, funding for programming and legal compliance. Other titles and roles are created as the organization grows, and evolve organically to utilize the unique skills each Board Member brings. The Holistic Homestead is currently looking for nominations for President, Treasurer, Historian and Volunteer Coordinator.

In essence, the Board of Directors makes sure all the activities of the nonprofit fulfill its mission.

The Colorado Secretary of State offers an excellent and FREE online Board Member training course…click here to check it out!

Our Mission here at the Holistic Homestead is to improve health and wellness through education, outreach and advocacy. We fulfill this mission every day through our regular charitable programming like bringing our Hands-On-Health for Kids! classes to local schools, facilitating the free collection, inventory and distribution of Used Durable Medical Equipment (a program funded by the Mountain Forum for Peace), and our ongoing Food Share and Farmers Market.

The Holistic Homestead received nonprofit status in 2017, we launched the Community Food Share & Gilpin County Farmers Market in 2018, and in January 2020 we opened the Homestead Market! Our membership has grown to over 240 – a membership that supports not only healthy, sustainable food access in our community, but also our vital community programs like the Pay-What-You-Can Cafe, Free Sunday Pantry, Hands-On-Health for Kids!, Used Durable Medical Equipment, and health and wellness events and workshops throughout the year.

Jessi Ansari, President of the Mountain Forum for Peace, and Arwen Ek, founder of the Holistic Homestead

Read about past Board Members here

President: Chairs all quarterly board meetings, chairs the Executive Committee, works closely with the Secretary and Executive Director on creating the agenda, following through with action items, and keeping the Homestead running in compliance with our Bylaws. 3 year term. 10 hours/month

Treasurer: Works with the Executive Director to develop and implement fiscal policy, chairs the Finance Committee, presents financial reports at Quarterly Board Meetings. Supports the Executive Director in maintaining compliance with the Colorado Secretary of State and the IRS. (note: the Treasurer is NOT expected to do our bookkeeping or taxes – we hire a bookkeeper and accountant for that!) 3 year term. 10 hours/month

Historian: Organizing archives, documenting events through audio/visual media. Collaborates with Executive Director on physical and digital archives. 2 year term. 10 hrs/month

Volunteer Coordinator: Recruiting, scheduling and tracking volunteers! 2 year term. 10 hrs/month

Come be a part of our growing movement to improve the health and wellness of our community by serving on the Board of Directors!

Click here to nominate yourself (or someone else), or e-mail for more info.

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