Lesson V: It Takes A Village

As I am writing this, my four month old son is playing with some toys that we bought second-hand from a family in our neighborhood.  He looks so cute wearing the outfit given to us by my new friend in town who’s baby boy is only six months older than our little Jimmy.  And the whole family is gathered around the fireplace at “Uncle Cory’s” cabin where we live.  While it takes two to bring new life into the world, gazing at this one tiny person, it strikes me how interconnected we all are.  Extended and sometimes estranged families are brought together by a new addition.  Friends and neighbors want to pitch in so he has everything he needs.  Complete strangers help you run errands and get to doctor’s appointments.  Suddenly, I have a whole new community, a Village, where me and my family belong.


Believe it or not, YOU, my readers, are part of my Village.  In this day and age the online community is a powerful expression of our global interconnectedness, and our ability to share, to give and to receive with people we may never even meet.  Your subscriptions and your comments have kept me inspired to continue writing, researching and practicing.


It has been one year since I began this series of articles on pregnancy and health.  “Here’s to Your Health” has illustrated the power and beauty of using herbs as nutrition and homeopathy for evolution during one of the most important times in your life.  Now that we have passed through the “Childbearing Year” together, the next stage is bringing up baby, keeping the kiddo healthy and strong, while caring for yourself and your family.  I invite you to join me for the upcoming series “Dr. Mom” where I will be discussing everything from diaper rash and teething to vaccination and childhood development.  With a little herbal know-how and a few simple homeopathic remedies you can care for your whole family safely and naturally.


Thanks for reading, and Here’s to Your Health!

Sincerely, Arwen & Family


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